Coefficients’ inimitable value proposition is distinction in the entire service delivery life cycle: key assumptions, knowledge transfer, baseline agreements, and minimizing future change management.

Business analytics is at the core of our business.  Coefficients’ strong point is with recognizing and planning out tailor-made outsourcing packages with an effective and cost-saving percentage combined with a substantial business process improvement for all business sizes who aim to improve their companies’ bottomline performance.

Coefficients’ delivery capabilities are measured based on efficiency, enhancement, and transformation such as increased productivity via process improvement, implementation of industry best practices, sufficient internal control, scalable solutions supporting our clients’ business development functions, and support of start-ups new business lines.

Process Excellence

Using the best practices in the BPO industry, Coefficients’ focus is on delivering value services to our clients with focus on quality improvement processes, benchmarking techniques and close monitoring of key performance indicators.

The leaders of Coefficients ensure constant revamp and redesign of processes using quarterly and yearly case studies. Departmental reviews are held at least twice a year with the company’s stakeholders brainstorming on the improvement of the processes in sourcing, recruitment, talent development and retention, quality management, training, staffing strategies, and employee leadership.

Transition Methodology