The 3 Evidently Successful Outsourcing Trends and that Elephant in the Room That We Can’t Shake Off this 2016

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Love or hate it, outsourcing is here to stay and would not be going anywhere. In fact, it will grow even more. But with the plethora of articles dishing out outsourcing trends for 2016, it makes us question which trends have already made an impact this Q1 of 2016. Not all trends can become quickly successful in just a span of four months as it requires time. But these three trends are showing promise and can be seen shaping how outsourcing can become this 2016. But with good news blooming, there is still one threat we often choose to ignore that needs to be addressed ASAP.

Companies Looking to Forge Even More Deeper Relationships with Outsourcing Providers

With BPO companies providing quality service and exceeding expectations, companies are now looking for more than just the usual BPO service. It is important to note that some of these companies have begun their relationship with outsourcing companies for a decade now – approximately in the early 90’s and have proven their quality, delivery, and reliability over time; gaining insider knowledge of their clients’ corporate culture and business processes so it’s no wonder that they are looking into developing a long term relationship demanding if they can do both front-end and back end work.

The Elephant in the Room We Need To Stop Feeding

The threat is increasing and we need to stop feeding it with a blind eye. Just last year, there are 781 total data breaches reported and 312 of those are from the business sector. And we all know the cost of data breaches limping companies down. Just look at last year’s AT&T data breach which cost AT&T to pay FCC $25 million, the biggest fine the FCC imposed in history. There is only little that companies can do and innovation is more focused on business development and expansion rather fortifying security and this is something we must really nip in the bud as soon as possible.  

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